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The 7th Congressional District of Florida includes all of Seminole County and northern Orange County, including much of downtown and northern Orlando and the cities of Maitland and Winter Park. The district is also home to the University of Central Florida.
  • Fight against socialism and government bureaucracy.
  • Rebuild our economy focusing on an America First Agenda. Bring manufacturing jobs so that we are ready for the next healthcare or national security crisis.
  • Preserve Law & Order.
  • Defend our founding principles. Dr. Leo will fight for the foundational values that have made America a beacon of liberty around the world: A free market system, freedom of speech, the rule of law, and a level playing field.
  • Put American interest above partisan interests.
  • Make the government more efficient.
  • Terms Limits: Washington shouldn’t be about who has been there the longest or who has the most access. That’s why Leo will support term limit legislation when elected.
  • Supporting President Trump: Supporting President Trump, whether its lowering our taxes, strong national security or working to stop illegal immigration, Leo believes the Trump administration is creating a strong Florida and America and supports our President.
  • 2nd Amendment: As a believer in our constitution, I support our 2nd amendment and the gun rights of the people of Florida. I believe that every American has a God-given right to protect one’s self and family.
  • Pro-Life: As a physician, a husband and father, Leo believes in the right to life and is a pro-life candidate.
  • Safety & Security: The thin blue line of police and other law enforcement agencies in our community and across the country serve and protect us all by upholding the rule of law.
    You deserve to live your life safely and securely, without the threat of intimidation or personal harm. I will always stand with law enforcement and strive to advocate for and support legislation that champions the men and women that wear a badge.

Let’s Rebuild and Restore Florida!


  • Make Health Savings Accounts available to all Americans.
  • Work towards lowering drug costs. We need to make sure USA is treated fairly in comparison to other countries and evaluate the patent process thoroughly.
  • Prevent excessive and intrusive government intervention in the healthcare market.
  • Support & empower direct primary care (DPC) physicians.
  • Reduce cost by eliminating red tape in our Healthcare system.
  • Decrease costs of defensive medicine.
  • Transparency on insurance decisions including MAC and CMS administration.
  • Promote a level playing field between government and private sector. Government institutions must comply with their own regulations.


  • Support of a payroll tax cut as a way forward in recovering our jobs and our economy from COVID-19.
  • Promote low-tax environment.
  • Slash regulation for small businesses.
  • Decrease barriers for small businesses and startups.
  • Recruit new business & expand technological sector footprint.
  • Maintain businesses here in Florida.
  • Recognize the importance of tourism, education & technology in our economy.
  • Support occupational licensing reforms.

Rebuild the greatest economy:

Dr. Leo Valentin, as a physician and businessman has emphasized the importance of strengthening the economy, citing its connection to important sectors such as the health care industry.

“What has happened with COVID-19 is that it’s brought that to the forefront for a lot of other people to see how everything in our community is really connected.” – Dr. Valentin

We know that socioeconomic status influences health care outcomes,” he continued. “It’s part of our health policy to have that in mind.” – Dr. Valentin

by Julia Manchester, The Hill


  • Embrace school choice and parental control in education
  • Strongly support college savings accounts
  • Prevent heavy-handed federal regulations that affect states and school districts.
  • Limit federal intervention in education.
  • Empower military families with education savings accounts.
  • Encourage local and individual solutions to national goals in order to find best ways to create optimal learning and teaching opportunities for all.
  • Personal learning plans for those who have special educational needs.
  • Focus on teaching and learning with broad learning, giving equal value to all aspects of the growth of an individual’s personality, moral character, creativity, knowledge and skills.
  • School-based and teacher-owned curricula for novel approaches to teaching and learning. Educate about uncertainty in leadership, teaching and learning.
  • Honor our teachers, including traditional pedagogical values, lessons from the past and encourage innovation while maintaining proven good educational practices.
  • Shared responsibility and trust by promoting a culture of responsibility within the education system that values teacher professionalism in making decisions.


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