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Dr. Leo Valentin, as a physician and businessman has emphasized the importance of strengthening the economy, citing its connection to important sectors such as the health care industry.

“What has happened with COVID-19 is that it’s brought that to the forefront for a lot of other people to see how everything in our community is really connected.” – Dr. Valentin

We know that socioeconomic status influences health care outcomes,” he continued. “It’s part of our health policy to have that in mind.” – Dr. Valentin

by Julia Manchester, The Hill


• Support of a payroll tax cut as a way forward in recovering our jobs and our economy from COVID-19.
• Promote low-tax environment.
• Slash regulation for small businesses.
• Decrease barriers for small businesses and startups.
• Recruit new business & expand technological sector footprint.
• Maintain businesses here in Florida.
• Recognize the importance of tourism, education & technology in our economy.
• Support occupational licensing reforms.


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